Fermented Glutinous Rice Pudding

It's almost one month, I haven't updated this blog.
We're still on the stage of 'adaptation' to our routine. Yeeah, we're back to our home town, to our own house (sounds easier), but for the last 2 weeks we have been busier than before. Our stuffs from Mumbai had arrived (there were more than 90 boxes!!), our children have started their new school (now we have 2 elementary students here, 4th and 1st grader, and they still struggle to learn our Indonesian Language).
Oooh, I don't know what to write, ... I think I need to go for vacation :D

Okey, back to the food story.
Fermented Glutinous Rice is one kind of food that I really missed before. Just a couple of days after we arrived in Jakarta, I bought some packs of it in a supermarket near by our home. Ooooh they're so delicious. I ate it directly from their pack.

The second time I bought, than I have some spares to prepare this pudding. Here, in Indonesia, when we talk about pudding, it's refer to 'agar-agar'.
Agar or agar agar is a gelatinous substance derived from seaweed. (source : wikipedia)
This is an easy and simple dessert, only water, sugar, coconut milk and glutionus rice. Bring them boiled, and pour it into a mold. Let them get cold in the fridge and ... you'll get a fresh dessert. Very simple, isn't it ?
I added some chopped jack fruit to the pudding and the sauce to give them special flavour. This is a perfect dessert during the hot weather.
The picture below is my entry for Click Monthly Event. The theme for this month is Bi-Colour. I hope my picture meets the criteria.


The Recipe is written in Bahasa Indonesia. Hopefully, I have time to translate it during the weekend.
Puding Ketan Hitam
Source : Primarasa, Kreasi Puding.
1 bungkus (7 gr) agar-agar bubuk putih
250 ml susu cair
500 ml santan, dari 1/2 butir kelapa
100 gr gula pasir
1/2 sdt vanila bubuk
1/2 sdt garam
300 gr tapai ketan hitam
Saus Santan:
250 ml santan, dari 1/2 butir kelapa
50 gr gula pasir
1/4 sdt garam
2 lembar daun pandan, potong-potong
1 sdt tepung maizena, larutkan dalam sedikit air


1. Siapkan mangkuk/cetakan agar-agar volume 100-150 ml, basahi bagian dalamnya dengan air matang.
2. Taruh agar-agar, susu, santan, gula, vanili, dan garam dalam panci, aduk hingga agar-agar larut. Jerang di atas api sedang, aduk-aduk hinggal mendidih, angkat.
Masukkan tapai ketan, aduk rata.
3. Masukkan adonan ke dalam cetakan yang sudah disiapkan, simpan dalam lemari es hingga membeku.


4. Saus Santan: Taruh santan, gula, garam dan daun pandan dalam panci, jerang di atas api sedang. Timba-timba santan hingga mendidih, masukkan larutan tepung maizena, aduk hingga mengental. Angkat.
5. Keluarkan puding dari cetakan, hidangkan dengan saus santan.


bee said…
gorgeous, vania!!!
Cooking Gallery said…
Puddingnya keliatan seger banget...! Di Jerman sini lagi summer, jadi fresh ngeliat yg seger2:). Salam kenal ya:)
Anonymous said…
Jadi pengen coba nich resep ini. Thanks for sharing! Good luck with Click!
Tuty said…
Looks yummy and refreshing...

Have fun unpacking, Vania.

Salam manis,
Wow Gold said…
wow ! what a blog
Wow Gold said…
fantastic blog.
thekyzt said…
Saya sudah cobain resepnya yang ini, wenak...segerrr...mana surabaya lagi panas2nya...thanks for sharing..