Dua Be

It has been 2 weeks since my last posting... followed by busy and tiring days.
Lot of things happened; we were back from a short vacation, final exam for my daughter, we celebrated her 12th birthday, hmm...I baked brownies and cookies for her friends, and the tensed National Exam that was done just today. She studied hard to ensure herself ready for the tests, especially because the tests were written in Indonesian Language; a language that she just started learning 3 years ago! I accompanied her during the preparation at home. Lot of words were really strange for her, especially for Science.
Finally today I feel free, relieved. I closed the hectic 6th grader studying days with swimming for 3.2 km. Not bad, after almost 2 weeks I had been absent from the pool.

I'll be back to blogging soon and share the story about our trip to Sukawana Tea Plantation 3 weeks ago, also some recipes that are waiting to be uploaded. 
I'll see you soon. 
Thank you so much for visiting this blog, for your comments, your support and your emails. 


Yuwana GnG said…
waaa hari hari yang menynangkan, ditunggu deh foto2nya
Anonymous said…
ahhh.. already finish Ujian Nasional and bimbel, still lots of homework.. aduh..
Vania said…
@ Ana, thanks for your lovely support.

@ Patricia, hmmm it's part of your job. Enjoy!