[event & review] IDFB Gathering at Master Wok, Ciputra World.

Wok is one of the most common cooking utensils used in Chinese and in some Asian kitchens. Most of the cooking methods can be done using this cooking tool, from stir frying, steaming, pan frying, to deep frying. It can be also used for poaching, boiling, braising, searing, stewing, making soup, smoking, and roasting nuts.

Now, let's try what the 'Master Wok' is serving for our lunch.


Saturday morning, two weeks ago, around 20+ Food Bloggers  visited the recently open 'Master Wok' outlet located in Ciputra World mall, Jakarta.
Arrived a bit early (read: exactly on time), I felt lucky getting a chance to know many talented Indonesian Food-Bloggers. Most of them I met for the first time. Chit-chat about 30 minutes before the outlet finally opened.

The Master Wok outlet is one of many other outlets that are present in Food Avenue 'Food Court' at the 4th Floor of the newly open Ciputra World 'Mall'.

IMG_1308mwok IMG_1324FA IMG_1145masterwok

An oriental chubby face chef as the Master Wok logo welcoming us.
New bright color long tables, benches, and chairs lined neatly filling the food court area. Congratulatory flower arrangements adorned some parts of the dining area.
Nice place, and... suddenly I felt hungry!

mwok1 mwok3


Mbak Astrid, Asst. GM Operation of Master Wok welcoming us and giving the product knowledge.

* Master Wok is a new brand restaurant with a modern fast food concept, owned by Boga Group. Same group with the two restaurants that I reviewed months ago; Pepper Lunch and Ten Ten and some others .

* Master Wok serve a high quality Non Pork Chinese Food. ~so don't worry, all food is halal here.

* The food is processed through cooking methods that using wok, served with appealing presentation, fast, with affordable prices.

* There are 2 Master Wok Outlets; in Ciputra World (Lotte Shopping Avenue), South Jakarta and Kelapa Gading Mall 3, North Jakarta.


Now let's move on to the FOOD.
When we stand up in front of many-many tempting side dishes, there is big possibility for us to get confused/lost controll then end up with choosing unbalance meal.
Here, the Master Wok help us to have a balance diet.
Just check the display on the top of the outlet. It's really helpful.

Divided to 4 types set of menus:
Master Style; Rice + 1 or 2 vegetables + 1 or 2 meat/poultry
Master Diet Trick; Rice + 2 or 3 vegetables
Master Wealthy Meal; Rice + 2 meat/poultry
Master Oriental Match; Noodle/Vermicelli + vegetable or meat/poultry


The dishes are displayed nicely inside a glass window, where the customer can see them clearly. Each dish is served in a non stick 'wok shape' big bowl. They are warm, very fresh from the wok.
Very tempting aroma, with nice fresh colors.

Then... we started queuing, grabbed the tray, took the utensils, and choosing the food.
Luckily, Mbak Astrid was around us, so I could ask her about the difference between many types of chicken on the display. They were look alike, only slightly different in color tone and its garnishes.

These are some of the mainstay menu in Master Wok :
Egg Fried Rice, Yang Zhou Fried Rice, Chow Mien, Fried Crystal Noodle, General Tso's Chickena, Kung Pao Chicken, Black Pepper Beef, Black Bean Beef, Scallion Beef, Sweet & Sour Fish, Sweetfire Fish, Chinese Ocra Egg Trio, Sambal KangKong, Prawn with Salted Egg, Mayo Prawn, Fried Siew May, Mapo Tofu, Enoki Mushroom Tofu, Fragrant Chicken, Beijing Chicken, Theochew Chicken, Honey & Ginger Chicken, Chicken Wing Shrimp Past, Oyster Sauce Pakcoy, Chicken Roll, Hot Sour Soup and Egg & Seaweed Soup.



I decided to have Master Style 2 menu set, and substituted the steam rice with Egg Fried Rice.
I chose General Tso's Chicken after learning the background story of this dish from Mbak Astrid :), then for vegetables I was tempted with the fresh green color of Oyster Sauce Pakcoy, and the seductive form of Enoki Mushroom Tofu.
The cold Liang Tea and Mango Peach Jelly completed the menu.

Total : Rp 63,000,-
The Fried Rice is a typical Chinese style fried rice; mild flavor, which is very good to be accompanied by the tasty side dishes. So I was not doing wrong while enjoying fried rice with some other dishes.

General Tso's Chicken is deep-fried boneless chicken that coated with sweet-mild spicy sauce, mix with chopped green and red-bell pepper. It's good enough, but I was thinking it'll better if the chicken would have been marinated a bit longer :)

Oyster Sauce Pakcoy, win my heart and tongue! I believe the chef must be mastered with the vegetable stir-fry method. The veggie was cooked well, the color still 'fresh green', and it had a 'crispy-soft' texture, combined very harmony with the oyster sauce. Delicious.

Soft needle enoki mushrooms were swimming in the thin brown sauce (I guess it was oyster sauce) in between cubed fried tofu. They're combined perfectly, completing each other. Great execution.


Liang Tea was a nice refreshing to clean my throat. Aromatic, fresh, mild sweetness.

Mango Peach Jelly, unbelievable was a nice ending. Judge from its appearance, oooh it looked like just ordinary jelly in the supermarket rack, but after the first spoon of jelly arrived on my tongue, ...I told all friends who sat around me, how refreshing this little orange color jelly.


When my tummy was full, Mbak Dian came and share her chicken roll sliced.
From the first bite, we could recognize the Ngo Hiong flavor on this bite size appetizer. Its crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside.

Overall, I'm happy with the menu.
It's nice to get a very good quality of Chinese Food, with a big range of the available menu, reasonable prices, in a good atmosphere.
Clean and friendly place to bring family.

Hope to come again to bring my family here.
Thank you, to Boga Group for the invitation and for hosting the event.

Family Picture of Indonesian Food-Bloggers (IDFB) @ Master Wok, Ciputra World, Jakarta
Master Wok
Ciputra World, Lotte Shopping Avenue
Food Avenue Level 4, Unit 4F.
Phone : 021 29889628


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Super delicious foods and restaurant. do you have a 1300 number for delivery?
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