Lippo Mall Kemang Food Vaganza, The Restaurants Review.

Food Vaganza, a big ongoing event in one of the biggest shopping malls in Jakarta; Lippo Mall Kemang. The event lasted for about 1 month; from March 9 to April 19, 2015.

With the theme of "A Celebration of Food and Homegrown Cuisine", there are lots of program during the event; from cooking competition to eating competition, talkshow and also Gallery Indonesia of Traditional Spices exhibition.

As a member of Indonesian Food Bloggers (IDFB), I got an opportunity to visit and review six tenants in Lippo Mall Kemang. Unfortunately, two of them were not available to be visited during the period.


So, here are my good experiences visiting the 4 tenants and trying their special menu.

Japanese Restaurant.
Lippo Mall Kemang (location: UG-OD-02)



Entering the glass entrance door, I could feel the 'Japanese ambiance' immediately.
The combination of the vertical and horizontal lining of the wood panels to obstruct vistas providing the feeling like we're in a traditional Japanese house.
I was there during a lunch time, and I saw many Japanese ladies brought their children to have lunch in Ootoya. Hhm... it told me that the taste of the food here surely suit to the native tongues.



Frankly, I did enjoy the environment of the restaurant, the hospitality of the staffs, the conversation with the Japanese Chef and of course the very good tasty Japanese Food. If you're looking for Japanese Food, yup, I do recommend this restaurant to be visited.

Deep Fried Chicken and Vegetables with Black Vinegar Sauce (Set)

Rp. 100.000/set.

Very fresh ingredients combined with the good cooking method produce perfect crispy tasty fried chicken and soft-semi crunchy vegetables. All elements are delicious, well cooked, and also look pretty.
I have to give an applause to the chef. Yup, I met him, talked to him.

And the sauce, oh la la... it wrapped all the elements to become so perfect.
I don't mind if someone want to treat me this set of menu, at anytime. Please.

Aburi Salmon Rolls
Light-Roasted Salmon Rolls.

Rp. 79.000,-

In every bite of this sushi, I could taste all the elements; the rice, the chopped vegetables inside, the salmon and the sauce. One of the best sushi I've ever tried.

Just to let you know, they have many variants of sushi. All are fresh made.


And... Kids Menu is available, too.

Cafe Barbera
Lippo Mall Kemang (UG No.03)


Established since 1870. Wow... really that old?
Cafe Barbera was found by Domenico Barbera, when he opened the first coffee house somewhere in Italy and served fresh coffee roasted daily with passion and dedication.

Now, they have an outlet in Jakarta and this is the only one in Indonesia.


Entering the Cafè Barbera coffee house is like stepping back in time. A cozy and relax environment that perfect for simpler things like food, family and friends. Of course, there’s always the coffee.



From the day the first Cafè Barbera franchise opened in 2004, Cafè Barbera has preserved the tradition and spirit brought by each cup of perfect Italian espresso. Yup, the coffee beans are from Italy!
Other than coffee, they offered varieties of food. From Italian, Western to Asian Food. They have a great selection of dessert and of course... coffee.


Roma Coffee
Italian espresso, cinnamon syrup, chocolate sauce and chilled milk foam are combined perfectly in one glass. It's so pretty, one of the prettiest coffee I've ever tried, and surprisingly the coffee beans on the top were crunchy. Really refreshing.

Rp. 41.000,-

Spaghetti Hawaiian Seafood
Spaghetti cooked with mixed Seafood, garlic, chilies, pineapple, mixed bell pepper and tomato sauce.
I found out it was a perfect combination of all the ingredients. The al dente pasta mixed perfectly with the sauce and the chopped pineapple giving refreshing flavor to the dish. The supporting ingredients; the colorful chopped bell pepper and the shrimps become the star of the dish.

Rp. 94.000,-

Affogato Cashew Nut
Italian espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and chopped nuts.
A beautiful ending, I enjoyed it as a dessert, while had a chit-chat with Chef Nico from Cafe Barbera. Really refreshing, not too sweet. I want more, please.

Rp 42.000,-


I had a lovely experience in this Cafe. The hospitality of the staff and the good food, really energizing. For sure, I'll be back. I will try their popular Lamb Fried Rice next time. Sure.

The Cave Bistro, WowZonia
Lippo Mall Kemang, 3rd floor.


Is it a playground?
A kind of, but not only playground, it's a fantastic new fully integrated, fully themed Family Entertainment Center. So it's a place where children and families can play and dine together, within their 11.000 sq ft air conditioned facility. From the pictures you can see the colorful place equipped with safety protection for kids.




So, other then just drop and wait the kids playing, this place offer us to have a good food while the kids busy playing and you can keep an eye to your kids.
The Cave Bistro provide full menu of healthy foods for all ages. From Western Food, Asian to local Indonesian Food.


When I visited this place, the one that I ordered was something that good for parents who waiting for their kids (thought actually I didn't bring my 'kids' (read : teens)) and healthy and refreshing drink.

WowZonia Juice


Rp. 27.500,-

It's a combination of banana juice and pineapple juice. Fresh fruit, not artificial.
Really refreshing and for sure it's a healthy juice.

Grilled salmon steak with saute julienne vegetables, lyonnaise potato and bearnaise sauce.


Rp. 114.000,-

The grilled salmon was cooked perfectly. Slightly too small for me (uppsss!), especially because the Bearnaise Sauce was so good just as good as her mother 'Hollandaise Sauce'... so yes, I need more fish.
If I have to wait my children play... I need two portions of this dish. It's delicious.


They offer so many kids' friendly and healthy menu and also you should check their Party Package, if you're looking for place for Kids Party.


Urban Bistro
Lippo Mall Kemang (UG-OD 05)


Bistro means small restaurant, but plase don't think the Urban Bistro restaurant is small in size. This is the nice cozy place for hang-out with your family and friends. With modern interior design and the premium quality food, this place will not disappoint you.



The friendly restaurant staffs are really helpful, they didn't hesitate to explain many questions and gave me the good food recommendation. I thank to Mr. Hendy and all staffs of Urban Bistro for that nice afternoon.

Urban Bistro has two outlets in Jakarta, here in Lippo Mall Kemang and another one in Bay Walk Mall Pluit, North Jakarta. At the beginning they opened this restaurant, Burger was their specialty and now, they offer many interesting menus including the delicious low calorie dish.

A glass of refreshing Apple Mojito was welcoming my visit last week. I chose to enjoy the outside part of the bistro while waiting for my daughter who joined me later after school. It was the last day of her School Final Test.

Apple Mojito
A super refreshing drink, combined with the fresh apple, mint leaves, lemon juice and soda water.

Rp. 42.000,-

Under the warm sunshine, it was joyful to have this cold refreshing beverage.
Soon after my daughter arrived, we continued enjoying the food inside the bistro.

Fish with Citrus Note
Gindara Fish, Citrus Salsa, Potato and Broccoli.

Rp. 67.000,-

This is one of the menu on the 'Low Calorie' category list. It surprisingly taste so good. The fragrant aroma of the greenish Citrus Salsa was so perfect to accompany the grilled thick Gindara Fish. Steam potato wedges and broccoli florets are the good companion. I didn't imagine before that the low calorie menu can taste that good. The harmony of the flavors on this dish should be given a big applause.


Mullet Burger
100% prime beef, bacon, beetroot, melted cheese, egg and BBQ sauce.


Rp. 79.000,-

As I wrote before, the burger is this bistro specialty, and luckily I got opportunity to try their 'chef recommendation' burger; The Mullet Burger.
They use prime beef for the patty and I could imagine there is a big passion poured out to this burger that end up producing the super delicious healthy burger. They prepared the patty and the bun, fresh from their kitchen.
My daughter and I were agree, this is the best burger in the city! Let me repeat; the best burger in the city of Jakarta.
The size was quite big, and it's good to share with my daughter. Standing ovation!

A huge Thank You:
to all the nice Tenants and the management of Lippo Mall Kemang for the arrangement and hospitality,
to the Indonesian Food Bloggers group for this great opportunity,
to my fellow food bloggers; Anne, Soya and Dandy who have same task to review different tenants, thank you for the lovely friendship. We should have a special gathering other than chit-chat through the WA group.

Have a great weekend!


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Great post as always..thanks Mba..
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That Apple Mojito really got my mouth watering. I love that the colors are green and minty.