Enjoying Korean Cuisine in Seoul Yummy, Jakarta.

For the last couple of years, Korean Cuisine has taken the world by storm, influencing snack food in the malls or bazaars and fine dining in many big cities of countries, including here in Jakarta. 
For Jakartans, Korean food has already got a special room in their heart. Some Korean Snacks can be easy found in malls, we're getting familiar with some Korean popular dishes.
Last Monday, I got a chance to visit a new open casual Korean restaurant in South Jakarta.

Seoul Yummy.
It's officially open on May 2018 in Lippomall Kemang, South Jakarta. It's only about 7 km away from our home. Located in the ground floor of the Avenue of the Star area, this restaurant is quite easy to be found.

Entering the restaurant, I was amazed with the casual and friendly atmosphere. The pop colors, artistic decorations and also the lighting, all are combined beautifully and make us feel comfortable to enjoy the food.
A perfect place for an informal meeting or family/friends gathering.

Established in Singapore since 2008, Seoul Yummy has more than 10 years of Korean culinary experience. Known as the go-to casual restaurant for quintessential traditional Korean cuisine with a modern twist.
Seoul Yummy is owned by a couple; a Singaporean husband and a good cook Korean wife, who developed the Korean Menus that fit with their customers tongue in Singapore.

So, for now... lets talk about the food here.
Indonesia Seoul Yummy menu has over 30 dishes. I tried some of their mouth watering menus, from the appetizer, main courses to some desserts. I've never imagined that the taste of those menus are just so perfect in my Indonesian tongue. The texture of the food, the harmony of the flavors to the presentation of the dishes, all combined nicely. My tummy was so happy!

One thing that is important to be mentioned here that all the staffs are very helpful. Not only for serving the order, but also they answer politely all my curious questions. (...thank you)

As you can see, there is a portable stove on each table. 
It's telling us that the food (main course) is served hot. Fresh cooking on the table.
Don't you think it's awesome, having delicious warm food with good experience just in front of us as the customer?

For those whose looking for light meal while hang out with friends, this Rice Balls is a good option. It comes with two different flavors; Fried Chicken and Bulgogi with some chopped nori on the top. Pic above.

The other option; you can try the Korean pancake. Seoul Yummy offers two different flavors of the thin yummy pancakes; potato pancake and Kimchi pancake. Both pancakes are delicious.
Seoul Yummy Army Stew!
This is the signature dish in Seoul Yummy. Aromatic and tasty Army Stews. The flavor is very rich, combining many elements perfectly. It's complemented with our choice of protein. 

Army Stew also known as Budae Jjigae is a very popular and classic Korean dish.
Budae mean army in Korean, and Jjigae means stew. The Army Stew is known to have originated from the Korean War. During the war, Korean have salvaged any means of food from the US soldiers in which there were plenty of hot dog, sausages and spam along with other staples

In Seoul Yummy, it's transformed from what used to be a common Korean army food to a luxury dish. The soup base is specialty in-house made 'secret' recipe which brings the dish to the whole new level, so this is the reason why the Army Stew is a signature. 
This heavenly pan is filled with delicious spam, sausages, kimchi, Korean rice cakes, tofu, vegetables and enoki mushroom. The stew is accompanied with Korean noodles.
Here, in Seoul Yummy, there are 4 choices of Army Stew; Deebak Army Stew (Chicken/Beef), Jjang Army Stew (Seafood),  Royal Army Stew (Wagyu Beef) and Gongju Army Stew (Fish Cake).

Other than Army Stew, you can also choose the Bimbimbab that is served hot inside a heavy stone bowl for the main course. See the right picture below.
Next is another great menu that I really like and I'm sure it'll fit to my children tongue.

Cheese Pot.
Comes in a big hot pot, the crunchy delicious drum sticks or chicken wings coated with soy garlic and sweet-spicy sauce are served by wrapping the chicken with melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese for daebak experience.
It's also served with fries, eggs and 2 sides of our choice.
Sounds very interesting, doesn't it?

...lets move to the dessert!
Dessert is like a feel-good song and the best ones make you dance. 
-Chef Edward Lee.

Patbingsu, literally means “red beans shaved ice” in the Korean language. This is a cold dessert dish with a sweet topping (usually ice cream) over different kinds of fruits, which makes it fresh, sweet and healthy.
It looks like a mini snow mountain in a bowl decorated with colorful fruits or other sweets. A few modern versions of this popular traditional dish are also available now.
In Seoul Yummy, we can find 8 different modern variants of bingsu, and I'm falling in love with the 'Spring Day'. The dessert bowl is filled with shaved ice, topped with chopped mango, corn flakes, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and poured with mango sauce. It's really refreshing during a sunny day!

For chocolate lover, this Twice is perfect for you.
The dessert bowl is filled with the shaved ice, milo flakes, almond flakes, whipped cream, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sticks, chocolate sauce and sprinkled with chopped nuts. Pretty and delicious! 
This both bingsu, Dramarama that combining caramel popcorn with savory potato chips for accompanying the vanilla ice cream, or Mr. Bimbimbab that adding some colorful chopped fruits and Korean red beans with finalizing by adding the halve peach on the top, will become perfect ending for your lunch or dinner in Seoul Yummy. 
Or if you just need a break after long shopping in the mall, just stop by to enjoy those delicious desserts. 

So... let's enjoy the Korean Cuisine, here in Seoul Yummy, Jakarta.
I'll let you know when they're open the other Seoul Yummy restaurant, soon.


Fanny F Nila said…
Seriuuus ini aku jd kangen banget ama kuliner korea. Aku jadi sukaaaak banget ama menu2 korea seelah pulang dr sana mba. Makan di beberapa restorannya, dan juga icip2 jajanan kaki lima, gosh, ga nemu yg ga enak :D. Yg happynya, kalo ditulis pedas, itu beneran pedeeees rasanyaaa. Sukak lah. Tp bbrp resto korea di indo, malah pedesnya ga selevel ama yang di korea sana. Sepertinya malah dikurangin. Jadi suka kecewa. Kapan2 aku coba yg di seoul yummy ini deh