Sukriya India

Home is where the heart is.
If someone asks me where my heart is, ohooo, it'll be hard to answer for now.

We have been counting down hours to leave India: 20, 19, 18, 17, ... By today when this blog is being written, it'll be very soon, less than 24 hours! Happy and sad feelings are mixed in my heart, in my mind. Very happy to meet my big family, back to our own lovely house, enjoy my own private kitchen, but also feel sad to leave my kitchen here. Lots of new recipes were tried in this kitchen, lots of new experiments were done in this black and white open kitchen. I'll miss the black marble table top, the electric oven, and the Indian brand 'Bajaj' kitchen appliances. Yup, I'll be back slaving my 'Phillips' & 'Moulinex' while keep dreaming of 'Kitchen Aid' :D.

After all, I feel so grateful that I have been given an opportunity to spend some parts of my life here in India; a place that is very rich of colours, cultures and traditions. The land of dreams and romance, the land of celebrations. Lots of things I have learnt, lots of things I have got, ... and lost ? Yeah, little bit, sometime I lost my passion, and need to do lots of adjustment to survive. And yeaahhh, I'm survived and happy. Very happy!!
Bombay Meri Hai 3
Here, I was falling in love for the first time to 'street photography'. The beautiful exotic architecture, the hospitality of the people, the colourful sarees, the richness of local culinaries and lots of authentic objects making me very hard not to bring my camera everywhere I go out (hmm, the camera is physically quite heavy, but once I forgot to bring it, I'll felt sorry for myself). I've never been worried to carry around my camera while walking exploring the city by myself alone; going to the local markets, walking through the seaside, even visiting some heavy populated areas. Oooooh, I'll miss them all, but I'm so glad to have hundreds of pictures of India for my collection. Oh, not only the camera, I have never been worried to bring my children along to explore every corner of this city eventhought many times I found out they were grumbling behind my back.
Bombay Meri Hai 2
Bombay Meri Hai 4
No more word I can write to express how lucky I am, having an opportunity to live in Mumbai, and exploring some parts of India. Meeting lots of new friends, tasting original Indian Culinaries, enjoying their richness of their land, including being an eyewitness how Mumbaikars struggled againts terrorism. The luckiest one I feel is to bring home lots and lots and lots of 'properties' (metal, glass, wood, plastic and fabric products) for my food photography journey, plus lots of very-good-but-inexpensive books. Ohh, I should share this to all my blog readers and friends, that India is the heaven of book lover. You will surprise and get excited to find out that you can buy books and magazines with very reasonable price and big discount. You should come to prove it yourself !
"Thank you, India".
Bombay Meri Hai 1
Yesterday was my children's last day of school. Their minds telling me they are really ready for school holiday. Our house stuffs were packed yesterday and they will arrive in Jakarta about 1 more month. Our apartment here is not homey anymore as it's empty, but we enjoy the echo every time we talk loud :D

We'll be back home, and for sure this blog will continue, don't worry. This month I will celebrate my 4th anniversary of this blog. I started it when we were in Labuan, Malaysia. Also this month, we will celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. Blogging and being a wife & a mother look like having not relation. But for me, the objective of learning to cook is simply for my family. Preparing delicious and healthy food is my resposibility. No one can change it. Arranging the food, touching them up, putting some style and taking pictures from different angles are always big excitement for me. At the end, collecting and storing the recipes in my blog bring me lots of advantages. I can now very easily finding any favorite recipes. I have many new friends and I can learn alot from other food bloggers.
Yup, this blog will continue wherever I live and have mood to update :). I'll see you on my next posting.
Last, just to let you know that I have been selected as one of the judges for Click event for June. The hosts; Bee and Jai have a very interesting theme for this month; STACKS. For more information you can click here.


Dear mbak Vania, saya fans berat blog ini dan udah coba banyak banget resep muffin dan cake (our personal fave: One Bowl Choco Cake). Saya juga akan meninggalkan tempat kami saat ini, di Tripoli, Libya. Kami akan menuju ke Jakarta dalam waktu 1 bulan. Terima kasih banyak mbak, sudah berbagi resep muffin-nya dan mohon maaf sebelumnya saya menggunakan resep2 mbak tanpa minta izin. Yang jelas, resep muffin mbak are always a big hit di acara apapun juga yang saya hadiri dan saya selalu kasih link blog ini (i hope you are alright with this). Once again, thanks for the inspiration:)
Nisa-mom said…
Sejauh apapun kita pergi pasti kembali ke tanah kelahiran.. *indah banget ya* Semoga makin banyak yang bisa di perbuat di tanah air tercinta, cuma kenal lewat dunia maya tapi udah berasa kenal dekat..

Sebelum lupa, happy anniversary ya mba,semoga makin langgeng sampai akhir hayat. Semoga nanti bisa ketemu saat aku mudik nanti.
Anne Vijaya said…
Welcome back to Jkt, Mba...n Happy anniversary..:-)
Unknown said…
selamat kembali ke Tanah Air. selamat terpilih jadi juri Click bulan Juni dan happy anniv juga.
Dewi Wulansari said…
Dear mbak Vania, terima kasih untuk blognya yang bagus dan resep-resepnya yang bermanfaat. Selamat pulkam.
eliza said…
Van, have fun living in your own house again in Jkt. beli cetakan kulfi gak sebelum ninggalin India? ;D
food blog gue jg udah hampir 4 thn umurnya Van, udah boleh masuk kindergarten nih...
widya said…
hurayyyyyyy balik ke Jakarta lagi!!
jadi gak ada acara nelpon di Bandara dan cuman bilang "Wid, ini vania lagi di Bandara nunggu flight" heehehehe..

kabarin setibanya siap dikunjungin ya aunty, cuman mau numpang makan hehehe..
Foni said…
vania mo mudik jkt?
huaaa..blom sempet jadi tour guide gue di mumbai.
anyway happy anniversary,and happy
4th year blogging...
Anonymous said…
Selamet untuk semuanya Van! (anniversary, blogging) Sukses selalu dimana saja, GBU always!
Patricia said…
I will also miss your photos from Mumbai. Thanks for sharing those beautiful and colourful photos.
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