Hello November.

We were entering the month of November with busy activities.
I came back from our 'Yogya-Solo' trip on Sunday night (30/10), almost midnight arriving at home and on Monday morning we already started our normal routine including back to my swimming and preparing the 'Indonesian Multicultural Week' in my children's school. During that week, each class learned about one of the 33 provinces in Indonesia, ranging from the goverment, cultural, traditional food, to the tourism. Our son's class learned about Bengkulu province (in Sumatra Island), and our daughter's class learned about South Sulawesi province.

At the end of the week, we enjoyed the result of the hard working during that busy week; the performance day.

Tari Kipas {South Sulawesi} Tari Basuko {from Bengkulu}

I saw that the children were so happy learning and performing the cultures, but I understand at the same time they still have lots of homework, my daughter joins the after school 'National Exam Preparation' and my son takes his taekwondo and futsal class. It must be tiring for them.
Sometimes, I bring a simple surprise snack while picking them up in the school, a time of the day that they're hungry. One day I brought fresh from the oven brownies, they were still very warm on the pan... You can imagine how good the smell was inside my car, ha..ha.. They're so happy enjoying the fresh brownies in the middle of busy traffic on the way home.

Last Saturday, we decided to stay at home, starting to listen the Xmas songs, and baked this banana muffins.

Banana Muffins for weekend snack.

There was no special plan to bake this muffin actually. It happened I found three ripe bananas in the kitchen and decided to bake something easy.
Still using the same favorite muffin recipes from my mom's old 'Muffin Mania' recipe book. And... the whole family enjoyed the delicious healthy muffins, fresh from our oven. Yumm...

bananamuffin2a bananamuffin1a

That's the short update from our home. Hopefully, you have a great time enjoying life, your family and your home.
Have a good night!


Lisa said…
Your photos are always be my favorite, mbak! Dari dulu sampe sekarang! Tiap hari mampir ke sini cuma untuk menikmati foto-foto... ;-p.

Special buat food photography-nya.. enak dilihat karena gak terlalu banyak props yang gak perlu. Lebih seneng liat foto yang menampilkan detail makanannya.

Hmm... kapan ya aku bisa moto bagus...
Wendy said…
Nice post and great photos.Thanks for sharing.
raquel said…
your photos are great and the kids are adorable, kids really love eating muffin actually even adults too.
Puti Adrian said…
hello..oven heatnya itu dalam fahrenheit atau Celsius mba? trus sugarnya granulated atau gula pasir, sama itu banananya diapain ya mba? hoho, maap pertanyaannya banyak. makasii :D
Vania said…
Lisa, *hugs*
thanks udah mampir ya Lis. Btw foto2mu jg bagus2 kog Lis. Ntar kalo aku berkempatan ke Cochin kita motret bareng ya. Miss India so much.

Wendy, Raquel, thank you so much.

temperature itu dalam Fahrenheit 375 F~190C. Cuma saya biasanya pasang 180C kalo bake muffin. Gula, pake granulated sugar. Biasanya saya pake 'Gulaku plastik hijau' :)
Pisangnya, di'mash'. Kupas, taro di piring/mangkok, trus dihalusin (ditekan2) pake garpu (jangan di blender ya).